a bright and colorful blanket // go fly a kite // super cool sunglasses // holden's favorite sippy cup // comfy white mocassins for an active little one // a playful ada ada romper // the iconic dolores park

holden's favorite thing in the world is to be outside.  it really doesn't matter what the weather is like, there is something about the fresh air and freedom to explore that makes him happy.  this kid is seriously happiest to dig through dirt and pick up rocks.  the weather has been beautiful recently and we have been taking full advantage, lounging on blankets under the shade of big trees, shoveling sand into our buckets to build sand castles, collecting sticks and using them on our imaginary drum set, combing the grass for clovers and dandelions, dipping our toes in water fountains, lakes, and ponds, tossing a tennis ball to and fro, and attempting to fly kites when a slight breeze interrupts the hot, still air.