dear holden,

you were in your first flash mob this past weekend.  your second cousin (daddy's cousin) decided that for his 30th birthday, he wanted to do a series of flash mobs throughout the city with his friends and family.  so although we didn't learn the dance beforehand, we showed up and joined in the fun.  the flash mob was made up of professional dancers, your great aunts and uncles, your grandparents, your second cousins, tracy chapman (yes, the real tracy chapman), a few others, and you.  you danced in front of mobs of locals and tourists alike at the trolley stop on powell and in the center of union square.  you weren't shy about the crowds and you loved bopping to the music.  you also got kissed by two little girls who couldn't enough of you (and so it begins...).  it was a random day, a perhaps once in a lifetime experience, and suprisingly a lot of fun!  perhaps you are the youngest flash mobber to date.


mama & dada