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quiksilver gray skinny jeans // infant chuck taylors

for the past week, holden has been a little ball of energy, a constant blur of movement, running laps around every room, laps around the house, laps around my legs, laps around any store that we happen to be in, never ceasing to stop unless i corral him which only seems to last for a few minutes or so.  it seems that once he discovered that his two little legs could take him where he wanted to go and fast, he has decided that he wants to see every single inch of space within a 10 foot radius of himself in the shortest amount of time possible.  i have to admit that it's fun to have the little man walking and i love when he reaches up to hold my hand when we go places, but i honestly don't know if i've been this tired since the first few weeks after his birth.  what a little wild man we have on our hands!