over the weekend we rented a house in muir beach for our two-year anniversary.  we are a beach family through and through, the ocean bringing us an overwhelming sense of peace, happiness, and contentment.  although perhaps a wedding anniversary should be celebrated just husband and wife, we (ok, perhaps it was just me) weren't quite ready to leave holden overnight, and so holden joined us on our anniversary getaway.  celebrating anniversaries is all about celebrating love between two people, but this anniversary we celebrated the love between us three.  there were a lot of hours spent chasing and giggling, digging holes and building sandcastles, searching tide pools for signs of life, flying kites and getting them caught in trees, cuddling on the couch, taking a million warm showers after hours of our feet in the chilly ocean waters, trekking up and down the sides of cliffs, emptying glasses of wine under the glow of the setting sun, and falling asleep with the rhythm of our breaths rising and falling with the tide.  after a weekend of sun, sand, and surf, we arrived home on sunday afternoon exhausted, sore, and content.