we try to encourage holden to explore as much of the world as possible, letting him touch and feel almost everything he can get his hands on, knowing that hands on learning is one of the best educational tools there is.  the beach was the perfect place for our little wild child because he could truly be just that.  there was consolation and peace in knowing that we could let him roam free without having to put up a million boundaries for his safety, and he seemed to relish in this no boundaries playground that lay before him.  we discovered that the beach is his kyrptonite, our tireless boy suddenly weary and exhausted after a day of trekking through sand and scaling rocks.  muir beach has that locals only feel to it, as though it is a secret spot only a select few know about.  it's full of old hippies, crickety, wooden houses teetering on steep hills, lush, rainforest-like vegetation, turquoise waters, and a few vacationing europeans.  we felt welcomed, as if we were locals ourselves simply because we were in on the secret, enjoying this serene, breathtaking spot on earth.