during tonight's bath, holden kept pouring a cup of water down his face and found it absolutely hilarious each and every time.  it was the cutest thing ever.  he also washed himself for the very first time, rubbing his belly with soap and then dipping his hand into the water and rubbing his belly again to rinse off .  there's something new every day!

i've been doing a major spring-in-late-summer cleaning of all of holden and my closets the past two days (i've yet to start on dustins).  i usually have a hard time getting rid of anything finding sentiment in the most indifferent objects, but for some reason, i have recently felt the need to eliminate the nonessentials in our lives.  perhaps it's the prospect of moving, but i became overcome with a strong desire to purge our closets of the unncessary.  and purge i did.  i literally went from two overflowing closets to one closet with room to spare.  i have so many clothes and so few that i still wear.  my mama wardrobe is slightly different than my pre-baby wardrobe which means the 1,000,000 party dresses that have now been hanging untouched for about 2 years will be finding their way into an actual partier's closet.

i zipped through my closet and holden's toys, giving items a quick once over before eagerly tossing them into the sell or goodwill.  i found myself tossing out almost every article of clothing i owned before dustin sensibly reminded me that i still actually needed clothes to wear.  and i couldn't have been happier to moderate the ever-growing toy pile that was literally taking over the entire living room because despite the over abundance of stuffed animals, trucks, and other noisy, flashy gadgets, holden's toys of choice still remain the golf ball, a plastic spoon, or tupperware cabinet.

but when i began sorting through all of holden's baby clothes, everything he's worn sizes newborn to twelve months, i found myself unable to part with a single item.  and while i had initially decided to keep a few sentimental pieces, i found it impossible to not attach a bit of nostalgia to every article of clothing because i can see baby holden in each and every one of them.  oh, these were his favorite pjs.  this was that sweater he wore to his first thanksgiving.  these jeans always looked so cute on him.  these vans matched daddys vans.  i even couldn't even sell a brand new onesie that he had never worn, thinking to myself oh, so and so gave this to him when he was born.  it was her first gift to i can't get rid of it.  it was too easy to place some sort of value to basically everything.

as i watch him morph into a little toddler, it's hard not to become emotional about the baby that he was and how quickly that time has passed us by.  sometimes, especially when i am sorting through newborn clothes, it hurts my heart.  so for now, it looks like i'll be holding on to holden's things for a bit longer until i am able to pick and choose a handful of clothes that are important to us...or perhaps i'll just keep it all for when a new addition makes it way into our little family.