i "met" alison when i randomly stumbled across her site when on the hunt for the perfect sewing tutorial for making some little man clothes.  and then i got stuck for hours, adding more and more diys to my ever-growing (and ever-ambitious) to-do list, sucked in by alison's witty writing and amazing tutorials.  she is crazy creative and downright hilarious.  i find myself laughing out loud every time i am on her site, often looking up slightly embarrassed that i'm laughing to myself on the internet.  not only is alison a mama to a sweet little girl named gigi, but she is probably the craftiest person i've ever met.  on her site, alison shares crafting, baking, and sewing tutorials, admist other things, all with a sense of humor and a little sass.  you can tell that hanging out with her would be guaranteed F-U-N and non-stop-side-stitch-laughter.  i kind of want to be her best friend.  if you haven't met alison yet, then you definitely need to stop by the alison show.  you can also, like alison here, strike up a convo here, get inspired here, follow her life in pictures here, and watch her here.

Please send links to 5-10 items you are currently “lusting” over and a brief description/reason (they can be for you and/or for the kids)

I'm so into the 90's right now so I really want a mini backpack,  and some lace biker shorts to wear under dresses. I'm also trying to make my messy little house more liveable, so I'm really into this wall paper, and this kitchen table. Both are not in my budget at all. Seeing that my budget is $0. Other than that most of the things I want are for crafting/video making. I need (seriously need) a Canon 5D, a new giant cutting mat like this one that's 4x3 feet! HUGE! Gigi needs some new clothes for fall, I've been OBSESSED with all of these new clothes from Vanilla & Lace and of course Gap always has something I want for her, right now it's this little navy Cape.
What are 3 things you have been up to lately? (i.e. spending time outside, planning a vacation, crafting, etc….)
Lately I've been watching a lot of Dawson's Creek, hanging outside with Gigi eating Otter Pops, and working on my top secret project that launches in a couple months! Here's a sneak peek. Kind of! Ha.
What is your idea of happiness? 
To me happiness is peace. I don't think we can always expect happiness in life. It should certainly be a goal, but I've found through difficult times that we can arrive at a peaceful place, happiness will soon follow.
What is your motto?
I have SO MANY! But I'd say my #1 motto is: Only you can be you. Also, Keep it crafty and keep it sassy! Ha.
What do you consider to be the greatest invention for mothers?
Babysitters. Haha. That's not an invention I guess, but I think a lot of mothers don't take advantage of them. Whether it's a family member, a trusted neighbor or friend. I know as a mom I need help. LOT'S OF HELP. And I'm so much happier when I force myself to get some.
What are 3 words to describe the first month of life with a little one?
Infatuation, Anxiety, Awe
What is the one thing you couldn't live without during your pregnancies?
San Pellegrino Limonata It settles the tummy better than Sprite or gingerale for me, and it's not too sweet.

What's your favorite craft to date?

I adore these refrigerator magnets I gave to friends last Christmas. They didn't receive too much online recognition, but I'm obsessed with them!
Where do you draw inspiration for your crafts?
I mostly craft and make things I need or want. I don't like to look at blogs, pinterest, or magazines for inspiration. But I do get a lot of inspiration from clothing trends, especially when the seasons change.
How would you describe your aesthetic?
I would say flamboyant is the only word I can think of. I like a lot of classic, simple things, but at the end of the day I can't leave well enough alone.
What's your favorite item in your closet?
My Bongo jean vest from 4th grade. I save NOTHING. But I've held on to that baby for 20 years now. And it always comes back in style. Or at least I think it does...
What is your favorite store?
Joann. Haha. Did you mean clothing?! That would be Anthro probably.
What is your favorite resource for children's clothes?
Polarn O Pyret has SUCH gems and amazing sales. I really really love Gap Kids, but I'd almost always rather make something for Gigi.
What are your top 3 blogs to follow?
I worship the ground Brittany Jepsen walks on! Her blog is The House that Lars Built. But she contributes to a ton of huge blogs, so I don't think she always gets the recognition she deserves! Her projects and ideas are so unique. I adore her! I also really love and respect Mer Mag. She's very creative and has a flawless aesthetic.  I also love so much. I use a ton of her recipes and tips. She is another creative genius.
What are 3 things in your diaper bag 24/7? 
Now that gigi is 2 I just use my purse! But I always have stickers in there to keep her happy, some sort of snack, and a book.
What is your favorite color-combo of the moment?
Navy and mint.
What's your favorite way to unwind at the end of each day?
I love watching 90's television shows while I craft.
What is one talent you wish you had?
I really really wish I could sing. I feel like I would have been such and amazing rock star.
Any other things you’d like to add?
I think i've talked about myself enough! BUt thanks so so so much for having me!!