mama wore: miu miu white blouse, derek heart tribal skirt, steve madden mocassin booties (from loehmanns), vintage chanel bag

little man wore: american apparel t-shirt, sarouel pants made out of one of my old h&m dresses

dear holden,

we stopped to take a few (ok, a bazillion) photos on our walk home from dinner tonight and happened to capture the perfect sunset.  i love these indian summers where the weather stays warm into the late evening hours, where we chase you down green rolling hills into the sinking sun's golden rays, laughter filling the air.  i want to remember these nights where you run through the grass unsteady on your feet, where you put your hands in the air to feel the breeze blow by you, where you collect rocks and leaves from the earth so you can throw them with all of your might to a mere two inches in front of you, where you take breaks from playing to wrap you arms around my legs and give them a tight squeeze, where you have not a care or worry in the world.  and  a few other things i want to remember about you right now:

  • when you're almost asleep, but not quite there, you lay in bed with your eyes closed while one hand scratches your other hand's palm and you slowly drift off to sleep.
  • we have come to the conclusion that my hair is your lovie.  you can't go to sleep unless your hand is gripping a huge lock of it, most often you weave your hands into the hair at the back of my neck, your fingers gripping it tightly, my long locks twisted up and down your arm.  during the night, you play with my hair in your sleep, grasping and ungrasping it, almost always resulting in a giant rat's nest on my head in the morning that requires an intense brush session to avoid dreadlocks.  it isn't until you have fallen into a deep sleep that i am unable to untangle myself from you.
  • you are scared of spiders and spiderwebs.
  • when you get that i-love-you-so-much-i-could-squeeze-you-to-death feeling, you grab both of my cheeks with your hands and try to bite every inch of my face.
  • when i'm not paying attention to you (usually when i'm talking to someone else) and you want me to notice you, you lean your face into mine (about an inch away) say something that sounds like "hey", and point to what you want me to notice.
  • you absolutely love playing "i'm going to get you" and squeal at the top of your lungs in excitement when we come after you.
  • you started doing a fake laugh when you see pictures or illustrations of other babies/children smiling.
  • you think it's hilarious to carry things around in your mouth.  you literally crack yourself up.  it is pretty funny.
  • if you see a dog, you pant and throw your arms up and down.
  • you reach up to hold our hands when you walk, although most of the time you prefer to be running ahead on your own.
  • you would step off any ledge if we let you (as in you would walk into a fountain if we didn't hold you back)
  • you tell us exactly what you want by pointing at it and "talking" to us while doing so.
  • you are so obsessed with flowers.  the flower display at costco made you the most excited i may have ever seen you.  you love to walk right up to them and "smell" them with your mouth open.
  • you give us hugs now when we ask for them.
  • when you don't want anyone to take you away from me, you wrap your arms around my neck and grip the hair on the back of my head with both your hands and squeeze tight.
  • you just started peek-a-booing by putting your hands over your eyes and then taking them off.
  • you give us high fives over and over in a row...high five, high five, high five, high five, high five!
  • you put your toys under the couch to hide them from yourself.  then you say uh-oh, look under the couch, and pull them back out.  then repeat the game. sometimes you want daddy or me to get them so you will put your golf ball under the couch and then come get us, pointing to the couch and saying uh-oh!
  • you are obsessed with credit cards.  you love to empty our wallets and walk around with a card in each hand.
  • dada is "baba"
  • you are in love with balls.  you love to throw them, kick them, carry them, you just love them
  • monkeys are your favorite thing in the world right now.  if you see any monkey paraphernalia, you make a monkey noise "ah, ah, ah, ah".  and sometimes you bend your knees up and down while doing it.