we got this book from the library last week in a random compulsion to teach holden spanish, but every time we reach this page where the monkey is pulling the lion's tail, holden begins sobbing.  it starts with just the lower lip quivering as he points, his brow furrowed with worry, to where the monkey is grabbing the tail, and despite my best efforts to assure him that the lion is fine and happy just a few pages later,  he starts crying big, wet tears that are inconsolable until i have completely distracted him with something else.  it's really cute that he is so concerned about the lion, but i feel bad that it upsets him so much.  there are a few other books that seem to upset him recently, like curious george opening the pig pen and all of the pigs escaping, and it seems no matter how much i try to make light of the scene that is unfolding in the book, i am unable to comfort him.  needless to say, we will have to pick out our books a little more carefully.