(photos from over the weekend:  1. grace cathedral a few blocks down from our old apartment in nob hill // 2. holden's favorite shoes that aren't fashionable in the slightest, but he loves them so i abide // 3. long hair, don't care // 4. feeling the wind // 5. just happy to run around // 6. a nostalgic park for us  // 7. playing in the sand // 8. cuddles on the way out of the park )

i often find myself wishing i could blow off all of the chores, errands, and other irrelevant noise of daily life to completely and utterly lose myself in holden's company.  and in those undisturbed moments i'm chasing after a gleefully giggling little boy tottering excitedly down an open path, pushing dump trucks filled to the brim with sand as they run demolition derby over towering castles, scaling wooden fortresses and burrowing through tunnels, sifting through mounds of wood chips for buried treasure, squeezing a tiny hand while gliding down slippery slopes, steering a stationary train and calling ourselves conductors, stopping to smell each and every flower we pass and gathering bouquets of dandelions and clovers, all the while not thinking about anything other than holden and the adventure we are on.  and it's not until the sun begins to fall towards the horizon casting an orange glow across the sky that i realize we've spent the entire afternoon doing nothing at all, yet everything that's important.  this was our day today.