today's guest post is from casey leigh, the voice behind the wiegands, a family lifestyle blog that follows this sweet and kind-hearted mama and her three gorgeous littles.  i have always felt connected to casey in her parenting style and opinions on raising children.  it's nice to have a friend who child rears in the same manner and shares these thoughts so openly.  so without further ado, here's a little excerpt from casey leigh on her beliefs in bringing up littles.

my husband and i believe in "letting our littles be little"- we are in no rush over here at the wiegand house! in fact, i am in a desperate attempt to slow down!!! i realized pretty quickly after my first born had arrived that everyone had a million opinions and ideas on how i should be.  the most valuable lesson that i learned was that i had to do what was best for us.

all of our personalities are different, all of our kiddos are different- so making a "formula" or putting them in a certain box just wouldn't work.


it wasn't working in fact.


the truth is you know what you are comfortable with, you know your who better fit to make the decisions?  not a book or a friend, just you.

and appreciating all of our differences is so important...important as fellow mamas, to appreciate where the other is coming from.


our babies are growing fast, it won't be long before it's all gone and over.


the only way i know how to "slow it down" is to savor it, not rush it and to let them be little as long as possible.