the birthday girl herself being amazing at chambers sf

only a best friend could tell you that despite the fact that she loves your son with all of her heart, he is not welcome at her birthday brunch and that you must come alone.  only a best friend would know that in order to get you out to party with your friends (something she knew you needed more than you ever knew yourself) it would require her telling you that holden could not come with you because it was par-taaaay time.  really only a best friend could do all of this, persuading you step outside of your comfort zone, and this simple act has made me appreciate her more than she will ever know.  because although i missed the little man the entire time i was away, i appreciated the fact that i was able to be 100% present with my friends and really celebrate the birthday girl, spend time with dustin alone, and be my pre-mama self for a few hours.  i love you jack!  happy birthday to one of the wildest, most fun, hilarious, and stylish girls i know!