i love connecting with other mama bloggers, particularly stylish mamas of for the month of october, one of my favorite mamas and i will be swapping bi-weekly guest posts on each other's blogs.  shaynah is mama to two tow-headed adventurers with another one on the way.  we immediately connected over our boys' love for exploration and our obsession with little boy fashion.  to kick off this fun little series, shaynah is sharing why she started blogging and what she loves about it.  don't forget to stop by her blog, pirates and peonies, to check out my guest post on why i started holdenonbaby.

Hi, Shaynah from here!

I personally am what they call a girly-girl. Formerly a tomboy once I grew up and quickly started loving lace, ruffles, and fluff! Who would have ever thought that I would have 2 boys (and another little man on the way)?! I would have never thought that I would love raising boys so much! God definitely knew what he was doing when He gave them all to me! My husband is an avid sports nut and a 9-5 business man, he keeps wacky, little me pretty stable! I love chaos and I love laughter and my life is filled with both! I do work part time, and I love my job (I am a haistylist - don't judge me on my days off!) but I love that I am home with my kids and get to be the one teaching them on a daily basis. (For you moms who work full time and juggle both, you, are my hero!!!) I am very laid back and I am the opposite of a minimalist and neat freak. I do believe in a healthy and active lifestyle, but I am not a slave to it. I enjoy the little things. I am terrible at punctuation!!!!  I enjoy sarcasm. I can take a joke. I am sometimes goofy. I don't get embarrassed easily. I am a dreamer. But above all I am a mom! Our rowdy little crew is always seeking out new adventures and silly {simple}ways to make life in the more interesting. We greatly believe giving our kids a colorful childhood and jumping on the beds and couhc. And, well, our take on parenting is a little relaxed, we are young parents so we are still learning and growing ourselves. We just hope to share an honest view of our life -  the good and the bad, the fun and the difficult. We hope you enjoy getting to know us, the REAL us!

"Oh!  So you're another mom with kids..." you may be thinking. And yeah, that is mostly how I would describe myself, too, but there is so much more to each of us "mommy bloggers" than that. We all have a little different take on parenting and sharing our lives. We all do it for many different reasons. My husband teases me about my blogging and he loves to poke fun at how excited I get about new followers, but every once in a while he reads through it and comes to me and tells me how thankful he is that I have captured our boys exactly where they are at.  Which is what I think the blogging world is really for. To reflect on your life, remember it, and learn from it! It is a fun and creative way to share. As silly as I can be I also have a very romantic view of life. Raising kids is the most beautiful gift, and seeing the world through their eyes is magical. I love every moment and try to keep them tucked away somewhere safe, and blogging and writing them has been the most wonderful way to remind myself of how blessed our little life is. Connecting with other mommies just a bonus that comes with it!  I am so happy to have connected with Lauren and her beautiful family through blogging. Isobel and I are excited to be sharing on each other's blogs... a little about our lives, raising sweet little boys, and our personal take on family style and fashion! We hope you enjoy!