today was the perfect friday.

after the insane october heat wave we experienced during the week, we woke up this morning to overcast skies and dark clouds that seemed to threaten rain, although rain never did make an appearance.  so holden and i snuggled in and spent the morning in our pjs reading books in bed.  in the afternoon, we headed to a friend's house for playgroup where we played outside for several hours with 12 kiddos and 11 mamas.  it was a household full of energy, wildness, and fun.  holden always loves getting to play with new toys and the kiddos are at an age now where they are actually starting to play together (instead of parallel play) which is so cool to see.

there are a handful of major events going on in san francisco this weekend and we plan on being a part of each and every one...including boogying down at the bluegrass festival in golden gate park, watching the blue angels streak across the sky at fleet week, and checking out the boat races at americas cup.

saturdays and sundays are some of our favorites days around this household since we get dustin for two whole days, and introducing and discovering new things during these days when we are all together is always so fun to watch as parents.

hope you all have a fantastic weekend!