this weekend seemed to last forever.  it felt as though we did a million different things and it almost felt like a mini little vacation for some reason.  we were pretty much out and about the entire weekend and holden was so happy the entire time.  i love days where all he does is laugh, smile, and be silly.  after such a fun-filled weekend, i'm exhausted and looking forward to climbing into bed right now with my boys, but first i wanted to share a few pictures of our weekend.  holden is obsessed with pumpkins and airplanes at the moment so here are some pictures of his favorite parts from the weekend...the pumpkin patch and watching the blue angels during fleet week.

also, at the pumpkin patch holden tried to pick up every single large pumpkin that he saw.  he would bend over and make a grunting noise as he attempted to lift 40 pounds of pumpkin.  we tried to appease him with a small pumpkin, but all he really wanted was to carry a large pumpkin.  his efforts at lifting were so cute.