a few weeks ago, holden and i shot a lookbook for a local boutique and i wanted to share a little sneak peek at some of the photos.  i think we took over a million photos and these were just from the first half of the shoot.  the setting and the lighting was so incredibly beautiful and holden didn't seem to mind all the pictures, distracted by running through the tall grass, chasing frogs, and releasing fluffy seeds from cattails.

we had a jam-packed weekend.  we always try to pack in as much as possible into the two days that we get to spend together as a threesome, not wanting to miss out on a single second of our time together.  in a short two days, we went to a farm and watched animals eat their breakfast, watched planes take off at a small airport and sat inside a 1950s fighter plane, did some shopping for mama, daddy, and son, checked out some fire trucks at the fire station and got a jr. fireman sticker, played at the park, and went pomegranate picking (who knew there was such a thing!).  holden loves his daddy so much and it brings me such joy to watch those two together.