so i know that the no heat curl has been done before, but it is seriously the only way that i can do my hair these days and i've been getting a lot of emails about asking about it.  ever since my pregnancy my hair refuses to respond to a curling iron and these days the little man doesn't leave me with a lot of extra time to do much with my hair, so it has basically been my beauty go-to.  no heat curls is something that i believe should be in every single mamas arsenal, or any woman for that matter that doesn't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning.  all you need is an elastic headband and two minutes of your time.  follow the steps below for perfect curls.

...before you go to sleep that night....

1.  brush out your hair and part it where you want to wear it the next day.  to make sure that the curls hold, i like to use day-oldhair and run a wet brush through my ends to dampen my hair.

2.  put the headband around the top of your head.  i like to push up on the headband to give the top of my hair a little more volume.

3.  separate a section of your hair.  the thinner the section, the smaller the curls and the wider the section, the larger the curls.

4. lift up the section of hair underneath the elastic band, pull the band away from your head, and wrap the hair around the band.

5.  continue steps 3 and 4, including the remaining section of the hair you previously wrapped in the new section (like french braiding), until you have wrapped your entire head.  if you have long hair (like i do), you may run out of room at the back...i personally just continue to wrap over the hair that i've already wrapped, but you can also just twist the remaining hair and bobby pin to your head.  don't forget:  lift the headband off of your forehead and place it on the top of your head to avoid an elastic imprint across your face in the morning.

....then go to sleep....

...wake up in the morning...

6.  it may look like a bit of a mess in the morning, but don't let that mess fool will have curls.

7.  before i use hairspray, i like to attempt to tuck back in any loose pieces and tighten the hair around the headband.

8.  spray your head with a light hairspray.

9.  begin unwrapping your hair from the headband, starting at the back of your head.

10.  run your hands through your curls and tousle your hair a little to separate the curls.

11.  you now look like you spent an hour curling your hair.