mama wore:  h&m scarf stolen from the hubby's closet (similar here), h&m free people oversized cardigan, f21 maxi dress (similar here or here), hunter boots

little man wore: baby gap peacoat (similar here), quicksilver thermal (similar here), walmart jeans from the girls section (similar here), thrifted rainboots

it rained today.  like really rained.  and i think it's one of the first few times that holden has really experienced a heavy rain since we haven't had any since last year when he was a little too young to really get it.  and despite the fact that we both have colds, i couldn't help but pull on our rain boots, some warm sweaters and head outside to splash in the puddles, collect brightly colored leaves, and feel the rain pelting into our palms.

before holden, i wasn't really an outdoorsy girl.  to give you an example of my distaste for dirt, insects, and the of the first couple of of times my in-laws met me, they were redoing part of their backyard for a party they were throwing for dustin and despite the fact that everyone else was helping out in the garden, i asked if there was anything i could do indoors because i didn't like to get dirt under my nails.

but now, i find myself playing in mud and searching for spiders on a daily basis, and not minding it in the least.

i think there's something about having a boy that draws out the adventurer in you, something that brings out an innate desire to explore,

to experience free, un-restricted, child-directed play.

because i believe being outdoors is good for him.  it is a wonderful learning environment, it encourages creativity, and it is good for your health (particularly eyesight).

holden and i honestly spend about 99% of our day outdoors, whether it's climbing the jungle gym at the playground, collecting and sorting rocks on our walk, taking paper and crayons to the park, or coloring on the front step with some chalk.

do any of you mamas feel the same way about being outdoors with your little ones?