earlier this week, i guest posted on ohdeardrea about how to style the little man in your life and i wanted to share with all of you.  below are 4 easy tips to sprucing up your little boy's wardrobe...  

1.  accessorize!  too often, i see little boys running around in a pair of sweatpants and plain (not to mention ugly) sneakers.  there are so many fun accessory options out there for little boys.  by adding your add a scarf, a cute hat, or a unique pair of shoes, you can change the entire look of an outfit.  plus little boys in hats will stop traffic.

2.  make your own.  it is so incredibly easy to take something that your little man already has in his closet and make it your own.  the pants shown below were originally a $6 pair of colored jeans that holden had just about outgrown.  he had worn them so often that i wanted to change them up a little bit for his last couple of wears.  i made a potato stamp and hand stamped them with some fabric paint.  it literally took 5 minutes and holden had a unique pair of jeans. see the diy here and make your very own!

3.  shop the girls section!  i'm not going to lie, a lot of holden's clothes come from the girls section (particularly his pants).  there are plenty of non-girly items that can work for boys and people will never suspect where they came from.  shopping the girl's section really opens up your possibilities.

4.  add pops of color!  don't get stuck shopping for boys-only colors (dark blues and blacks).  holden has a pair of pants every color of the rainbow (red, yellow, blue, teal, orange, etc.)!  colored denim is really popular right now and its a great way to spruce up an otherwise plain outfit.