over the weekend, dustin headed down to santa barbara for his lacrosse alumni weekend so as not to miss out on a getaway, i decided to take holden on a little trip of our own and so we headed down to the monterey aquarium with my mom.  holden hates (as in hates!!!  my kid and being confined just don't go together) the car, so making the two hour drive down to monterey was a big deal for us.  i'm not quite sure what i was expecting, but i just thought it was going to be bigger, or grander, or just something more.  i thought there would be killer whales or great whites or dolphins the way that the museum is hyped (am i thinking sea world?), but it was oddly similar to the (much smaller) sf aquarium by the bay or the scripps aquarium in la jolla.

holden's first reaction was amazement and for the first 15 minutes or so, he was completely mesmerized by the floor to ceiling tanks, pointing and oooing and aaahing over the brightly, colored fish that swam by.  but after the two hour drive and the 15 minutes of newness, my little wild child was ready to run free.  being veterans weekend, it was a pretty packed and there was no way i would be able to keep track of him in the crowds so i couldn't let him down and he was frustrated with being confined to the carrier or the stroller (i attempted both).

luckily the museum had an open balcony that looked out over the ocean and i spent the majority of my time playing chase with the little man outside.  we also spent quite a lot of time at the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser by the touch tanks that was just low enough for holden to reach (he's kind of obsessed with washing his hands).

i suppose the little man always finds a way to be entertained one way or another....even when it's what i least expect.