mama is wearing: f21 fur vest, gap three-quarter sleeve shirt, urban outfitters maxi dress (similar here), target booties (similar here and here), brandy melville necklace

little man is wearing: billabong beanie (stolen from daddy), zara button-up, h&m pants (similar here), old navy faux-fur booties (from the girl's section)

over the weekend dustin was out of town and ever since he arrived home he hasn't stopped mulling over the fact that holden appears to have turned into a little boy over those three days he was away.

dustin has repeated his face has changed maybe a hundred times today.

for some reason this made me a little anxious and all i kept thinking was i don't want him to change that quickly in the span of three days.  

since i rarely spend a minute away from the little man, i don't ever notice his growing up as much in his appearance, as i do in his behavior and development.  but dustin's observing it made me realize how much holden's looks have changed from even a few months ago.  his face just looks like that of a little boy now.

tonight after holden went to sleep we spent a few hours reminiscing and looking through pictures of him from 3 weeks ago, 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago, and a year ago...a baby almost unrecognizable to us now in the rambunctious, constantly moving boy that is holden today.  and despite the fact that although i think it's impossible i have more and more fun with him with each passing day, i can't help the lump that forms in my throat every time i look at his baby pictures.

because babies growing up is bittersweet.


i also forgot to mention that last week holden started potty training himself!  he randomly started wanting to try using the toilet and then started taking me to the bathroom when he needed to pee.  i have started asking him if he needs to go throughout the day and we'll go into the bathroom, take off his diaper, and he'll pee!  he's so happy with himself, he claps afterwards.  i think he might just be doing it so he can flush the toilet, but that is fine by me.  i don't know why, but i'm not sure i've ever been prouder.  perhaps what they say about cloth diapering and potty training is true.