i bought a cardigan at sweater a few weeks ago in a size large so that it would be oversized.  except instead of looking like it was made to be oversized, it just looked like i was wearing a sweater that was five sizes too big for me.  i was in love with the print so i decided to make holden a pair of pants out of it and in less than ten steps you can make your own for your little one.  this project does require sewing, but this is probably the third time i have ever sewed anything in my life and if i can do it, you can too!

step one:  lay the sweater down so that you have the front and back (two layers) on top of one another and lay one half of a pair of pants that currently fits your little one on top of the sweater. i really like the shape of these skinny jeans on holden, so i decided to use these ones as my pattern, but you can choose any pair of pants that you like.  you want to line up the crotch of the pants with one of the seams on the sweater.

step two:  pin one side of the pants onto the sweater.

step three:  cut out the pants, leaving an extra half inch around the edges.

step four: repeat steps one through three (or you can cut around the piece that you have already cut out) and then lay the two pieces on top of one another right sides facing in so it will look like the pants are inside out.  don't worry if they don't match up perfectly, once you have sewn the pieces together you won't be able to tell.

step five: pin the two pieces together.

step six: sew the two pieces together along the red dotted lines shown above and use a zig zag stitch to give the fabric a little stretch.  since i used a sweater, the fabric was a little thick and kept getting stuck at the beginning so i just used my hands to pull the fabric along.  after i sewed the two pieces together, i cut off any extra fabric along the seams.

step seven:  take 1/2 inch wide elastic, measure around your little one's waist, and cut it so that it will fit your little one.  then fold over the top of the pants so there is enough room for the elastic.

step eight: pin the top of the pants down and sew it together leaving a two inch space that you can thread the elastic through. 

step nine: thread the elastic through the opening, sew the two ends of elastic together, and sew the opening closed...and now your little on has a brand new pair of pants!