little man is wearing:  baby gap peacoat, h&m collared button-up, target bow tie, beekids leggings, minnetonka mocassins

he loves balls.  he kicks, throws, and catches balls all around the house.

he is still obsessed with animals.

when you ask what a cat says he makes a scratching noise and motion after witnessing me get scratched months ago (it has left a lasting impression).

he says "wooooow" in amazement.

he babbles constantly and imitates every sound we make.

he waves goodbye and blows kisses to everyone that we say goodbye to.

he dances every single time he hears music.

he is obsessed with listening for crickets when it gets dark despite the fact that they are no longer out in the winter.

he loves to give hugs and kisses.

he wants to be just like his daddy.

elmo is his favorite even though he doesn't watch sesame street.

he gets a pouty lip and starts to cry when he sees that other children or animals are sad or hurt.

he will pull my face towards him and say "baba!" if i'm talking to someone and he wants me to listen to him.

he likes to squish himself into small spaces.

he climbs into every type of basket out there so you can push him around in it.

he plays hide and seek every chance he gets, not moving or making a sound until you find him (kind of scary sometimes).

he is empathetic, kind hearted, caring, and loving.  he shares with others, is a good listener, and has an amazing memory.  he is happy, fun, and has a good sense of humor.  he is the best ever.