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over the weekend, we had plans to go cut down our christmas tree, decorate the house, and start holiday shopping, but then the stomach flu swept through our house and we spent the entire weekend in bed.  it was the first time holden had ever thrown up and it was probably one of the saddest things i've witnessed.  he was so scared every single time it happened, not quite understanding what was happening.   luckily holden was over it pretty quickly, but then dustin and i both got sick at exactly the same time and attempting to watch a rambunctious little boy while both of us were sick was close to impossible.  thankfully, my mom came over yesterday and took holden for the majority of the day while dustin and i atempted to recover.  cabin fever has already set in and i am going to attempt to take holden out of the house for a little bit today and get some holiday shopping done.  can you believe christmas is two weeks away?!  how did that happen!