i stumbled across this article over on a Cup of Jo and found it particularly fascinating as holden is currently obsessed with the game of hide and seek.  he climbs into closets, tiny spaces, or simply crouches around the corner of a dresser and whispers hide, hide hide.  we will pretend to look in places all around the room for him as his little head peers out from his hiding spot, his eyes wide in fascination as he watches us search for him, mesmerized by the entire production of it.  we squeal in mock shock when our eyes land upon him and he breaks into a huge grin before quickly ducking his head back down and whispering hide, hide, hide.  and the game of hide and seek resumes and can last for a good half hour or so.  it doesn't mater that he's in the exact same spot or not really hiding at all, by ducking his head down, he truly believes that he is hidden.  ah, the magic of childhood.