i was watching tonight's episode of up all night which was all about sending out christmas newsletters.  feeling like they didn't have much to write about, raven kept attempting to exaggerate their events from the year which in turn made them both feel like losers.

and it got me thinking about what i would write if i sent out a christmas newsletter.  what would i write about our year as a family?  in 2010 we got married and then traveled around europe, in 2011 we had holden and moved out of the city, and this year we had ... ??

as i sat racking the deepest corners of my mind, i couldn't think of anything that would be newsletter worthy.  in what has proved to be the best and fastest moving year of my entire life, i feel unable to produce any evidence of it.

because despite not having any big events occur in our lives, i feel as though we have done so much and been so busy.

my every day is filled with big moments with holden, learning to crawl, first steps, new words, new imitations, and all of the little things he learns with each passing day, all blurring together in what was a whirlwind of a year.

in 2012 we didn't start prepping for a second baby, we didn't take any big trips, we didn't start a new business, we didn't move,

and part of me feels a little sad about it.  i kind of wish that we had taken holden on his first overseas adventure or we'd picked up and moved to the ocean because sometimes the pressures to show others just how wonderful your life is can be anxiety provoking.

but then i have to remind myself that we are completely happy with our non-baby-prepping, non-vacationing, non-moving, lives and that sometimes it's the little moments that make life big.