because of the holidays and holden's runny nose for the past month, we haven't attended any of our normal kids' classes or activities.  and i must admit that it's kind of thrown us out of whack.

i know that it isn't necessary to take your little one to classes,but without them, i've lost all track of time and what day it is.

i didn't realize how much we relied on them for fun, how much of a little outlet they were for both holden and i, easy entertainment for a half hour or so outside of our normal day-to-day activities.  a break from hanging around the house, the park, or our errands.

but since holden's runny nose has us banned from any sort of class where other kids will be and the rain has kept us indoors for the most part, we have gotten creative with our play, breaking out the masks and capes, building giant pillow forts, and snuggling under a lighted teepee.