mama is wearing:  h&m sweater, h&m leopard button-up, gap jeans, converse for target

little man is wearing:  babygap sweatshirt, beekids hoodie, h&m pants, adidas high-tops

when you become a mother, you suddenly realize that everything that you thought was important in life actually isn't.

i've recently come to the realization of just how important my family's happiness are to me.  like most parents, my child being happy is probably one of the most important things to me (next to health of course).

holden wasn't an easy baby.  when he was younger i hated when anyone ever said that to me.  although it wasn't, it always felt like an insult.  i knew that he wasn't the easiest of babies, but i never felt like he was difficult.  he had acid reflux and would cry for hours before he went to sleep.  at the time, i wouldn't admit that he had it, thinking that he just didn't like to go to sleep.  in the early months my mother-in-law came to visit and witnessed us trying to put him down for the night and i remember her astonishment at the length of time that he screamed.  looking back, i now realize that he obviously had acid reflux or colic.  he was happiest when he was with me, most often refusing to go to other people.  and while he was a happy baby, he was more reserved, taking everything around him in.

but in growing up, he has lost that reservation.  he is the definition of pure and utter delight.  he is outgoing and charismatic, stopping to wave to everyone that passes by.  he has a wonderful sense of humor and is constantly joking around, filled with a sort of uncontrollable glee and happiness that is constantly bubbly forth, full of smiles and the best kind of giggles.

while i know that he is happy, when other people recognize it, it makes me my mama heart swell to proportions i never knew.  on the plane back from la last weekend, upon landing the flight attendant looked over at him and said he is a really happy child isn't he?  and i thought, he is.  he really is.  i'm pretty sure that those words were probably the best thing that anyone has ever said to me.