"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

holden, chalking up the front walk.

every single morning holden and i create art together.  one of holden's favorite things to do is draw.  there is a bucket of art supplies (chalk, crayons, pens) in our living room that is constantly being dumped onto the floor.  as soon as we wake up, we draw with crayons and pens over any piece of paper that we can find.  after breakfast, we go outside and draw with chalk all over the front walk.  holden could spend hours upon hours drawing.

i've never done a 52 project, but after i did this post about my day in january, i felt strangely inspired, strongly desiring to capture more of those little moments in our lives.  there is too much of every day that i wish i could capture, too much of holden that i wish i could permanently document so that they are never lost.  that's obviously impossible, but i am hoping that this project will remind me to pick up my camera a little more often.

i'm linking up with the beautiful jodi and am looking forward to this fun project.