here's the second month of this photo project that i'm working on with the above wonderful ladies.  each month we share a behind the scenes peek into a day in our lives.  we will be making a complete blog circle, so when you’re done here, be sure to check out gloriously ruined and then make your way through the circle until you find your place back here, along the way getting a glimpse into the lives of different mamas across the country.

this is my february.....

after our very first post, i was so inspired to photograph more of the every little moments of our lives.  i picked up the camera more during january to the point that holden has become somewhat obsessed with them himself.  but then february hit, i got incredibly busy, i lost my lens cap, and i feel like it's been a rare occasion that i've brought out the camera.  this month, i'm piecing together a few different days in february to give you an idea of what our february looks like.


we walk our dog every morning and it's not complete without a stop to say hello to these little bunnies who are holden's absolute favorite things in the entire world (we have to pick grass and feed them for at least five minutes every single morning).  holden also loves carrying his own plastic bag so that he can squat down and pretend to pick up dog poop.



the weather has been really beautiful, so we have been spending the majority of our time outside these days.


i haven't really made a big announcement, but i'm the new digital editor for babiekins magazine.  i generally do my work while holden's sleeping or after he's down for the night, but sometimes i need to spend a few minutes on my computer when holden's awake.  this is usually what it looks like.


since it's been cold (and i've been working late), i've been having a hard time getting dressed in the morning, not to mention the opportunity is rare these days that i get a chance to dress up.  so i've made a goal to try and dress up (like really dress up) at least once a week, even if i don't have anywhere fancy to go.  after my experience of grocery shopping in a tulle skirt, i'm officially hooked.


after being inseparable for 17 1/2 months (i can literally count the number of hours i've been apart from holden in his entire life on one hand), i'm trying to get out a little more on my own and give holden the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with his daddy and his grandma which is hard, but important for both of us.

feb3 feb1

holden truly loves art and we spend some part of every day doing an art project.


we have started potty training around here.  holden has been going to the bathroom in the potty since 15 months.  he's always been interested in it, but i never pushed him to do it until he was ready.  we use cloth diapers on holden, but when travelling we use disposables and our last trip to san diego resulted in a bad diaper rash.  so when we returned home, he wore diapers as little as possible to get rid of the rash and that was kind of the start of our potty training.  holden is doing really well and has had barely any accidents.  we are so proud of him.