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holden's hair is getting long these days and it seems his bangs are constantly in his eyes.  yes, the logical thing would be to trim his hair a bit, but i just can't quite bring myself to do it.  i love holden's long hair and he doesn't really seem to mind.  plus, i love the long-haired surfer look on boys.

i've secretly been putting his hair into little top knots when we're at home and realized i needed to figure out something that might be a little more manly than a top knot.  so i decided to make a superhero mask that could double as a headband to hold his hair back when he is running laps back and forth across the playground.

what you need:

  • pair of your little one's sunglasses (to use a guide for the shape of the mask)
  • fabric (i used a scrap of faux leather)
  • fabric scissors
  • elastic
  • sewing machine or needle & thread

what you do:

  • take the fabric and fold it in half, pinning it so it doesn't move as you cut
  • take the sunglasses and lay them on top of the fabric
  • using fabric scissors cut out around the shape of the sunglasses
  • cut out eye holes
  • take a piece of elastic and measure so that it fits your little one's head
  • sew the elastic onto the ends of the mask
  • and there you have it, a superhero mask (and a secret boy's headband)