zara dress (and yes, that's a very fashionable hair tie on my wrist ha!)

it's rare these days that i feel stressed, but since arriving home i've felt an odd sense of tension as if something big is imminently near, something i can't quite put my finger on but that leaves me with a sense of urgency.  it's probably just the mere fact that our little vacation is over or just the fact that i haven't been getting much sleep lately, but i want to shake this feeling fast. feeling stressed or anxious is taxing and something even more important to be aware of as a mama since despite my best efforts to hide these feelings, they always seem to affect holden's moods as well.  it's as if children have a sixth sense, seemingly always able to pick up on the energy in the environment around them.  when i'm stressed, holden always appears to be a tad more frustrated or agitated than usual and i hate to think my moods could negatively impact him.

so what better way to take my mind off of things then spending an afternoon in san francisco.  there's something about being outdoors in the fresh air that immediately causes my tension and frustration to dissipate.  thankfully this past weekend was gorgeous, so we galavanted around the city, chasing each other around the botanical gardens, enjoying ice cream from a food truck, and exploring random little shops in the sunset district until the sun sunk deep into the horizon and we headed home.  sometimes getting out of your everyday element is the best way to distract your mind from your day-to-day worries.

do you find that your stress affects your little one?  how do you relieve stress in your life?