thehousewife1 shoes

h&m men's t-shirt (borrowed from the hubby's closet),vintage belt, bb dakota maxi skirt, dvf leopard wedges

i kind of wish i was that perfect housewife.  you know the one that has gourmet meals waiting on the table upon her husband's arrival home from work.  the one that goes grocery shopping on a regular basis and always has the refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy snacks.  the one that keeps up with the laundry so that the hamper is never full and the clothes are always folded and put away in their proper place.  the one that cleans the house daily so that it is always spotless with no stray toys for you to step on at night.  you know, that person?  well, 19 months into this whole motherhood thing, i'm still trying to figure out how to juggle it all.  i've decided to start trying a little harder on the whole keeping the household together thing (because that always seems to come second to well, everything haha) so yesterday i meal planned, went grocery shopping, cleaned the entire house, finished (and put away!!!) the laundry, and currently have this cooking on the stove.  feeling like this just might be the start of a new me.