holden can make an adventure out of pretty much anything which makes a trip to the grocery store is a million times more exciting than it used to be.  this means that a trip to the shoreline is an island adventure, a pirate searching for buried treasure, a mountain goat scaling cliffs, and a bear searching for strawberries in the grass.  he seems to now fully understand playing make believe and it makes up the majority of our days.

it was hot, hot, hot this weekend so we decided to head towards the ocean for some cooler weather and much needed relief from the heat.  on our drive along the coast, we stumbled across a deserted point where a thin strip of land stretched into the sea.  reaching the end, it felt as though we were the only people on the planet, just us three.  or at least that's what we imagined.  we skipped rocks into the ocean (holden's favorite thing to do when there is any body of water in close proximity), we searched for fish and crabs along the shoreline, caught a few ladybugs in the grass before they flew off, and went along with holden's imagination as he morphed into multiple creatures and personas.  oh how we love stepping inside holden's mind and being a part of his grand adventures.