mama wore: oscar de la renta top and skirt

little man wore: oscar de la renta button-up, h&m shorts

one of the things that i love most about the bay area is that you can be in the middle of a bustling city surrounded by thousands of people at one moment and in 30 minutes or less, you can be in the middle of nowhere, a place so quiet that you can hear yourself breath with not a single person in sight.  pair that with a 30 degree temperature difference and the juxtaposition is almost shocking.  this is exactly what happened on this day, when we spent the pre-nap hours in the city (see more on our morning adventure here) and the post-nap hours in the hills.  there are so many open spaces and national parks in the bay area and they are the perfect place for little boys to explore so we often find ourselves in these secret spots.  it has become somewhat of a nightly tradition for our family to head up into the hills in the late evening hours to say goodnight to the parting sun.  we hunt for crickets as they sing their summer lullaby into the dusk and scout for the hooting owl and the howling coyote announcing night's arrival.  and once the glowing orange sun has disappeared behind the mountain top, we jump in the car and head home, finally ready for sleep, happy and satisfied to have made the most of every last drop of light.