holdenscastoff copy


exactly one week ago today, holden got his cast off and we couldn't be happier.  getting the cast off was a slightly traumatic experience and initially moving those joints again wasn't the easiest, but as we waited for the doctor to come into the room for a final check, holden asked to walk around the room and we knew that everything was going to be ok.  there were so many little things i missed while holden was in the cast...the feeling of him wrapping his legs around me as i carried him, the feeling of hugging him without a cast getting in between us, easily getting dressed in the mornings, the lightness of holden's true body weight...and those first moments of rediscovery were  just so good.  yet in an odd way, the cast coming off was a scary change for me, as i had really just adjusted to life in the cast and now i was going to have learn how to help my little boy learn to walk again.  although holden walked with help immediately after the cast removal, it will still take him a while to learn to walk again and watching my almost-2-year-old crawl or limp around is slightly heartbreaking.  mr. b had taken time off of work for the full duration of holden's time in the cast and i had gotten used to having him home with us.  he went back to work the day after the cast was removed and i missed having the extra help since i am still unable to leave holden's side for even a second (he thinks he can do a lot more than he is able and is constantly attempting to take off across the room on his own which ended in a bad fall last week).  last week was a big adjustment to our new normal, but i am looking forward to and counting down the days when i hear the pitter patter of holden's feet throughout the house again and have a little boy that can run into my arms.