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We finally found a home and have decided where we are going to settle down (at least for the next six months or so).  Last weekend while visiting family in San Diego, we stumbled upon a historic beach cottage just two blocks from the ocean.  We fell in love immediately and upon deciding that it was the perfect place for our little family, we spent this week packing up our current house and will be spending the long weekend moving into our new home.

Naturally, my mind has been spinning with design possibilities for the new place (meaning that is all I have been thinking about for the past week), but when it comes to interior design, I'm slightly all-over-the-place.  I just can't quite narrow down what style truly fits our family.  I like so many different types of interior decor and just can't seem to fully commit to one.  Are we the type of people that have a minimal home, a bohemian adobe, a modern space, or a glamorous getaway?

Since I have decided that none of the furniture we currently own work with our new space (my excuse for a redesign),  we are selling almost all of our furniture and are starting from scratch in our new home.  The cottage has lots of light and lots of open space, but it is on the small side and has a unique layout so I'm pretty perplexed as to where to even start.  If any of you are design aficionados and want to so graciously offer your design services, feel free to send some ideas over because right now I can use all of the help I can get.

In looking at a few of my favorite home images (below) from my "mi casa" pinterest board you will quickly show you my dilemma when it comes to decorating.