Soon To Be Four

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On Bel :: Rachel Pally dress, Forever21 hat

On Beau :: So Little So Hip Suspenders, H&M t-shirt and shorts, Puma shoes

It's been a while since I've been to this space, but with this new chapter in our lives closing as a family of three, I'm finding myself wanting to document more of our lives together.  There is something about putting words with photographs that helps to engrave that memory deeper into your mind or just simply spark a memory that you thought was completely forgotten.  Looking back at the beginning of this blog, reading my entries and looking through the photographs of Holden as an infant, I find myself back in that place, reliving all of Holden's idiosyncrasies, my thoughts as a new mother, and our life back then.  And I find myself missing that - missing putting words down on "paper" to forever etch into memory these times in our lives. And while I do keep a private journal for Holden, there is something about adding pictures to words that makes everything that much more real and tangible. So I'm sharing our adventures as a family of three, soon-to-be-four!!!, and everything that entails.