Pregnancy Essentials


As I come to the end of my pregnancy, I thought I would share the maternity pieces that I couldn't live without and the items used over and over again during this pregnancy. Below are what I would consider pregnancy essentials that every mama-to-be should have.

AN LBD THAT LASTS - If you want to receive a compliment every single time you wear something, then you need to run out and buy this Isabella Oliver dress right now. Trust me! I have worn this dress constantly all the way from my first trimester through to my third trimester. There is just something about this dress. It is comfortable, hugs in all of the right areas, and will last you your entire pregnancy.

STAYING HYDRATED - Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy not only helps you retain more amniotic fluid (more room for your baby!) and avoid those dreaded cramps and headaches that result from dehydration. It can't hurt to have a cute tumbler to remind you to drink throughout the day and this tumbler is one of my favorites.

MATERNITY/NURSING BRA - You will need a new bra because we all know that there are some changes that happen there. There are so many maternity/nursing bras out there, but Cake Maternity actually make bras that don't look like they are made for nursing. If you want something that makes you feel good, but is also practical during your pregnancy, then I definitely recommend checking out Cake Maternity.

STYLISH FLATS - Even if you are a heels girl, at some point you are going to resort to wearing only flats. I found some really cute ones over on Sole Society for $30 that are comfortable to run around in all day long while still making me feel like I have dressed up.

UP YOUR SKINCARE REGIME - I am slightly crazy about my skin during pregnancy. I use an oil and then a lotion all over my body once to twice a day. Not only is my skin a lot drier during pregnancy (I often dream about taking a lotion bath), but I hope to avoid stretch marks by keeping my skin hydrated. Earth Mama Angel Baby create all-natural skincare products for both mama and baby, and their pregnancy products are hands down my favorite skincare products for keeping my skin healthy and hydrated throughout my pregnancy. I have used their products during both pregnancies and have so far avoided stretch marks. (I also highly recommend their pregnancy teas)

GET PLENTY OF SLEEP - Easier said than done, I know. Everyone tells you to get as much sleep as possible before the new baby arrives, but then you find yourself with pregnancy insomnia, having to wake up and pee every other hour, and changing positions every other minute trying to find a way to lay down. I swear I might get less sleep than when I'm up caring for a newborn. While there is nothing you can do to help the first two issues, the Bump Nest pillow is the solution for a comfortable sleep. Honestly, I don't know how pregnancy women get by without one of these pillows! And the Bump Nest 2015 line of pillows have amazing prints and patterns so you can actually leave them out on your bed during the day.

SUPPORT WEAR - There will come a time in your pregnancy that your belly starts to just feel heavy. This is where Blanqi comes in. They make ultra supportive maternity wear that will be game changers for your pregnancy wardrobe. Not only do they help shape your body, but they basically hold everything in and up making for a more comfortable and better looking pregnancy. My favorite pieces are the Maternity Lift High Performance Belly Lift & Support Leggings and the Maternity Underbust High Performance Belly Support Tank.

COMFORTABLE UNDERGARMENTS - I really don't like anything touching my stomach when I'm pregnant which is why I wear a lot of dresses, so my underwear has to be the stretchiest and most comfortable underwear out there otherwise it bothers me the entire day. Hanky Panky is the only brand that makes underwear that I can't feel.

STATEMENT TEE - When I'm pregnant, I like to shout it from the mountain tops. There's also that time at the beginning of your pregnancy where people aren't quite sure whether you're pregnant or if you might just have eaten one too many donuts (they blatantly eye your belly before quickly turning away with an embarrassed look on their face). Oh Baby Chic makes super cute statement tees for mamas like this Tres Chic Mama sweatshirt that let everyone know you're a soon-to-be mama.

TALK TO YOUR BABY - Belly Buds is just a fun way to interact and connect with your baby while still in the womb. You can play music or share voice recordings with your little one during your pregnancy. You can also have other family members create voice recordings which is nice when daddy goes out of town.