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 All photos by Chrissy Powers in Ollie & Me boutique

I love every single aspect of pregnancy.  If I could live in an eternal state of pregnancy, I just might do it because there is truly nothing that can compare to that feeling of carrying your child safe and soundly inside of your belly. And while there are so many wonderful parts of pregnancy, I think that one of every expectant mama's favorite aspects is prepping and planning for the arrival of that sweet baby into this world because once nesting fever sets in, there is no stopping us.

I consider registering for your baby one of the last big steps before your delivery and an event that is always filled with excitement and anxiousness. When I registered for my baby shower for my boys, there were so many pieces that I wanted to add that didn't come from one of the big box stores that offered baby registries.  I found unique products and favorite items at local boutiques and Etsy shops that I wasn't able to include in my registry.  Not to mention the help and services that are vital for a new mother's sanity like a meal train, babysitting, and help with laundry. So I was ecstatic when I found BabyList, an amazing baby registry that I felt all expectant mothers should know about.

BabyList is a universal baby registry that let's you add anything from any store to one registry. You can even add things not sold in stores, like help and favors from friends (think a home-cooked meal or a cleaning service). When you add products to your registry, BabyList automatically finds and adds the various online stores that product is currently available for purchase to give your friends and family options. And the fact that you can add items on the go using your phone (with iPhone and Android app) is really cool too.

So if you're currently expecting a baby, all you have to do is head to or download the BabyList app and get to shopping!








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(This post was in partnership with BabyList. Thank you so much for supporting my partners who I wholeheartedly believe in.)