A Day in Our Life with Jessica Davis Photography Part 1

www.jessicadavisphotography.com I don't know about you, but my iphone tends to fill to the capacity at least once a week if I don't do a photo dump to my computer because I tend to over document our outings, activities, and silly moments throughout the day with my little ones (you know when you look through your phone and you see 50 photos of the same moment with just slight differences to them so you could basically make a flip book, but you can't delete any of them because of they are all slightly different...you know what I'm talking about, right?). I have so many images of the boys that I probably will never be able to go back and look through them all in this lifetime, but the images of myself with the boys tend to be styled photoshoots or family photo ops, rather than candid, real moments. And those are the images I will truly miss looking back on.

Those special moments between me and the boys that we share throughout the day, that certain twirl Holden does with his hair while he's thinking, that look of delight when baby Gray finds his toes, that special time I always share with the boys before bedtime under the Christmas lights hanging on Holden's bed when the world is still and quiet - all of those intimate, significant, routine moments, the ones I want to engrain in my memory forever because I know that while they are a part of my everyday now, they will soon change into something completely different as the boys grow up and although I will have resolved to never forget, I know that these everyday moments will fade from my memory (because lets be honest, I can't even remember where I put the keys two seconds after turning off the car). Those are the moments I want documented.

Well, that's where Jessica Davis came in.  Jessica Davis is a crazy talented photographer based out of Solana Beach who just recently started the Honest Hours project and we were lucky enough to be one of her first clients for the project. The Honest Hours project documents the daily life of a family from sun up to sun down and all of the familiar moments in between which means that Jessica followed us around with a camera for an entire day, from the time the boys woke up around 8 AM, until the time they went to sleep around 8 PM. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary for the day as I wanted to document exactly what my daily routine with the boys is like at this time in our lives. I didn't want this photoshoot to be the perfect family shoot, I wanted it to be the real us as we are now.


So without further ado, here is part one of our day with Jessica...

www.jessicadavisphotography.com^^^Waking up and reading our favorite book in bed.

www.jessicadavisphotography.com^^^The hair twirl when he was thinking..He used to do this ALL of the time and now he doesn't anymore :(

honesthours2^^^Playtime after waking up almost always involves cars and trucks.

^^^Holden's favorite breakfast is pancakes. Not really an everyday thing, but he asked for them this morning.

^^^Holden likes to cook. This chef outfit of his hangs on his wooden play kitchen and he always wears it when he is cooking.


www.jessicadavisphotography.com^^^Packing our picnic for the outing today. Wearing Gray because this happy baby of mine was teething for the first time ever and did not want to be put down on this day. I was like of all days, not today Gray...but he was happy if I wore him so that's how today went.

honesthours3^^^A little art before we leave because this kid is always drawing or painting.

www.jessicadavisphotography.com^^^Getting ready to leave for the day.

www.jessicadavisphotography.com^^^Fletcher Cove...our most favorite way to spend the day.








www.jessicadavisphotography.com www.jessicadavisphotography.com



www.jessicadavisphotography.com honesthours5

www.jessicadavisphotography.comThese photos are one of the most beautiful gifts that anyone could have ever given me. To have this time in our lives captured on film is worth it's weight in gold. Both the boys have already grown and changed so much since the photoshoot which was only a couple of months ago, and I already love going back to those photos and saying to myself, I remember when he used to do that.

The only thing that could have made it better would be to have Mr. B in the images with us. We had planned the photoshoot for a day during the week and Mr. B was supposed to stay home from work that day. Unfortunately, something came up at the office and he had to jet off to LA that morning so we had to carry on without him. But this is our reality, I am home with the boys by myself as a stay-at-home mom while my husband goes to work and unless it is a weekend, this is what a day in our life looks like right now. But you know what that means...that we will just have to do another one that we plan for the weekend :)