Tiny Travels : La Jolla - Sunny Jim Cave

LaJollaChrissy_Isobel-PalomaLisaPhotography-549 For our final adventure of the day, we decided to take the boys to Sunny Jim Cave. This is a spot not a lot of people know about unless you're on a kayaking tour and seeing it from the other side. The Cave Store is not only a cute little store filled with trinkets and treasures to remember your trip to La Jolla, but also is the entrance to Sunny Jim's Cave.  Here you will find an entrance to a long staircase (it looks like a mining shaft) that takes you down through the rock to a cave that opens out onto the ocean. You can watch the waves crashing into the cave and see the kayakers as they pass by. Holden sat on the railing and was mesmerized by the crashing waves coming in and out. Gray, however, wanted to climb over and hop in! I definitely think that this is one of those adventures you have to try at least once.




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