Tiny Travels : La Jolla - The Children's Pool

LaJollaChrissyIsobel-PalomaLisaPhotography-345 After the boys (and the seagulls) had snacked at Cuvier Park, we decided to head to the Children's Pool.

We packed up the strollers, grabbed the boy's Microkickboard scooters, strapped on our Ergo baby carriers and headed to see the harbor seals. A few quick tips...you're most likely to see a live birth of a harbor seal pup between February 4 and March 4 of any given year. You're most likely to see the greatest number of seals on the beach between April 24 and June 6 and you're least likely to see any seals on the beach between 8am and 6pm during the months of July, August, and September. When we arrived at the Children's Pool, we watched them swim in the water and the boys were so excited to see the little seal pups. Gray was absolutely amazed and kept attempting seal noises. On our walk/scoot back to the cars, an ice cream truck stopped just in time to give Waylon and Holden their first ice cream truck experience and Gray got to try ice cream for the very first time in his life when Holden shared a bite or two with him.





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