Tiny Travels : La Jolla - Tide Pools

LaJollaChrissy_Isobel-PalomaLisaPhotography-555 After Juice Crafters, we headed to the Tide Pools. You can walk down or you can drive and park for the remainder of your adventure...just depends on what you and the little ones are up for that day.

Located at the very south end of Coast Boulevard, is a small beach that if you time it right, can become your very own touch tank. When the tide goes out, you can walk along the rocks and find pools and crevices filled with ocean life. The boys spotted sea anemones, urchins, crabs, small fish and more. It's also the one part of Coast Boulevard that isn't crowded or touristy so there is a really high chance that you will be the only people out there when exploring. The boys loved not only exploring the ocean animals, but collecting seashells to take home.









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