The Only Way To Shop For a Mattress with Kids : ECOSA MATTRESS


When we moved into our new home in Auckland, our bedrooms were the first rooms that we wanted to work on putting together. Moving into our house happened rather suddenly and with just a week to prepare for our actual move-in date, I frantically realized that we were going to have nowhere to sleep! When we left California, we decided not to bring along our mattresses as we figured they would unnecessarily take up a lot of space in the container and would be something that we would be able to easily replace when we arrived here.

However, shopping for mattresses with kids is not the most ideal shopping experience  (I could just imagine the scenario: Holden jumping on the mattresses with his shoes on and Gray hiding under the beds and laughing hysterically), not to mention the sheer selection of mattresses is actually quite overwhelming! So when Ecosa offered to send us a few of their mattresses to try, we couldn't say no. The mattress arrived in a tiny vacuum-sealed box and within minutes of cutting through the plastic wrapping, it had unfolded and expanded perfectly into place. The boys pitched in to help open them, making the entire mattress shopping experience (from ordering to delivery to unpacking) a seamless, simple, and fun one for all of us!

As a pregnant woman (in my third trimester mind you), I take my sleep (or the little bit that I am getting at this moment) very seriously and I was a little hesitant at how comfortable a vacuum-sealed mattress would be. I've been sleeping on it for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say it's one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever owned. The boys seem to love theirs too seeing they are both sleeping through the night on them without so much as a peep.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, but I was generously gifted an Ecosa mattress to try. All opinions are my own.