HOLIDAY MAKE-UP TUTORIAL I met Kendra about a month ago when she hired Mr. B and I to design and develop her new blog! I quickly became obsessed with her youtube channel where she shares beauty tips and tricks and detailed make-up tutorials, and so I asked Kendra if she would share a quick and easy make-up tutorial for the upcoming holidays with Bel & Beau readers. Since it's such a busy time of year, I thought that learning a make-up routine that was simple and didn't require too much time would be perfect for almost any woman during the holiday season (and something that I can pull together when there is a little guy wrapped around my legs and pulling me out the door in the mornings is a plus in my books).  Hope you enjoy!



I'm always looking for new hairstyles that are relatively quick and easy. Instead of opting for that (overused) messy bun on top of my head on the days that I am rushing out the door in the morning, adding something with a little more style makes me feel more presentable and well, better about myself (I don't feel as though I need to hide behind my sunglasses). I asked the beautiful and extremely talented Lacy from Laced Hair Extensions if she would share her favorite look for the upcoming holiday season.  Check out the video for Lacy's perfect holiday braid hair tutorial.