baby style


image from minor de:tales blog

if a clothing collection could embody holden's style to a t, i'm pretty sure it would be sudo's spring/summer 2013 collection.  i know that labor day just passed, marking the end of summer so perhaps i should be stockpiling fall clothing for the little man, but there is a slight chance (fingers crossed) that we may be enjoying two summer seasons this year because we are looking into moving to new zealand at the end of this year!  kind of crazy, pretty nerve racking, and yet extremely exciting and exhilirating.  it has always been a dream of mine to live abroad, get to know my extended family better, and learn first-hand about the country my family is from.  since having holden, this desire has grown stronger, and i've found myself with inexplicably itchy feet that seemingly won't rest until i make a run for it.  i long for holden to experience different countries, gaining knowledge through exposure to various cultures, finding wisdom in his worldliness (which i've also talked about before here and here).  we're still in the beginning stages of trying to figure it all out, so while we slowly put our plan into place, we're dreaming of relocating to auckland, buying a retro camper van, and spending our weekends traversing the gorgeous new zealand countryside.  and then perhaps in a year's time we will be seeking out the next country to explore.