i am beyond thrilled to share a fun little project that i will be working on this year with an awesome group of ladies.  each month we will be sharing a behind the scenes peek into a day in our lives.  recently, i've been slacking taking photos and the invitation to be a part of this little project was a great excuse to do just that, a good reminder to stop and capture the little moments in our day, not just those big moments that call for a camera.  i'm excited to see how my days and my photos change with each passing month.  i'm teaming up with a wonderful group of ladies on this project.  we will be making a complete blog circle, so when you're done here, be sure to check out ginger's blog and then make your way through the circle until you find your place back here, along the way getting a glimpse into the lives of different mamas across the country.

i'm excited to be linking up with ginger of the parrish place today!  be sure to head over to her blog and see what her day looks like.