design work



i am so excited to announce that dustin and i will be opening up a web design shop at the beginning of january.  in addition to offering custom web design and implementation services, we will be offering affordable wordpress themes to fit your blog or website needs that you will be able to download and implement on your own.  we will also be offering a hosting service and technical support for customers that aren't as tech savvy.  i can't wait to share our complete portfolio of all of the custom designs we have been working on the past couple of months.  we still have openings for a few more clients this month if you're looking for a new look for your website or blog for 2013!  we work with all different types of blogging platforms and a variety of businesses and personal blogs.  you can contact us at



i wanted to share a little project i've been working on over the past very first complete blog redesign!  cassidy and i met somewhere in blog land.  cass is a mama to two adorable little girls and also an amazing photographer that specializes in birth sessions and capturing families in their daily lives.  cass was in the process of combining her photography blog and her personal blog into one mega-blog about her life and asked if i would do a complete redesign for her.  i've recently taken on a few design projects, so i was utterly thrilled for cass to be my very first blog design client.  cass sent me an inspiration board that we worked off of and this is what i came up with.

she has such an amazing aesthetic, it was kind of hard not to fall head over heels over this design.  cass was such a dream to work with, giving me a clear vision of what she wanted, making it incredibly easy to come up with something that truly reflects who she is.  we’re still tweaking it into perfection, but head over to her blog to check out what the redesign looks like live.

if you're interested in re-designing your blog or just want someone to bounce a few design ideas off of, i'd love to hear from you.  you can email me at