holden's wishlist



1. teepee // 2. penny skateboard because he wants to watch the big boys // 3. mini & maximus vp of fun tee // 4. wooden slingshot // 5. super hero cap // 6.  mask burnout tee for bringing out his inner superhero // 7. lacrosse sticks so he can be like daddy // 8. a hammock // 9. a holden-sized boat for riding in // 10.  reading is his favorite past time and this book, dragons love tacos, looks fun

tomorrow, holden will wake up to a bed-ful of balloons, a handful of perfectly wrapped presents, and a happy birthday song.  we are still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that a year has passed since holden entered our lives and became the center of them.  i can't wait to wake up to my one-year old boy in the morning.



noe & zoe star bandana // wild at heart t-shirt // sleeveless zip-up with ears // slingshot  // little huck photo //sailor and zorro mask jumpsuit //paper maiche sailboat // hunter rainboots

one of the most amazing things about having a little boy is their adventurous spirit.  i think it's something innate in boys or perhaps it's just holden's always-on-the-go personality that makes me believe this.  regardless, there's something about having a little boy that makes me want to put on a cape and mask, build blanket and pillow forts, splash in puddles, dig through mud, climb trees, and imagine that the world is filled with pirates to fight and treasure to find.


mini munster tops and shorts // red slip-ons // vans shark slip-ons // reef surfer slip-ons

we are kind of obsessed with the mini munster clothing line.  maybe it's because i have an obsession with all australian clothing lines or maybe it's the whole deviance of it all, but there's a sort of effortlessly cool vibe to each piece of clothing, instantly making an infant that too-cool-bad-boy that melts all the girls hearts.